"INVG-Fahrinfo" - Timetable Information as App for Smartphones




This mobile companion answers even complex requests about timetable information quickly and well-organized.


"INVG-Fahrinfo" is the app for timetable information of the Ingolstädter Verkehrsgesellschaft (INVG) for iPhone and Android-Smartphones. It works - similar to the INVG-timetable information service on our homepage - quickly and reliable for the entire connections of INVG-buses.


Obviously, the app is available free of charge in the Google Play Store and also in the Apple App-Store.

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Connection Information

The connection information always looks for the fastest ride from A to B. Simply, enter a bus stop or address as starting point or destination or use your current position.


The connection will display the entire path including the walkway to the starting bus stop and until the entered destination.


The departure times of the buses will be even shown in real time. Therefore, you can react accordingly in case of possible delays.