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Mobility in the Region Ingolstadt


Go by Bus and Train with Only One Ticket


A combined offer of fares of bus and train increases the travel comfort in the greater Ingolstadt area. No matter if job ticket, student ticket, or single ticket - the tariffs of the public transportations system of Ingolstadt (INVG) provide a variety of saving opportunities auch as for 6,30 Euro from Kinding to Ingolstadt.


Travel Inexpensive and Comfortable with the Transport Association's  Tariff


What Is the Transport Association's Tariff?

From now on, buses and trains can be used with just one ticket in most parts of the greater Ingolstadt area. Passengers can choose between fares of all buses of the INVG and rail fares.



Where Is the New Transport Association's Tariff Valid?


Since December 14, 2014, the association's tariff is valid for the following railway lines and sections and is displayed in the map of tariff zones (railway routes marked black, bus routes marked red). Additionally to the displayed bus routes, further routes exist within the city area of Ingolstadt, zone 100.



Integrated Railway Lines:


Ingolstadt – Schrobenhausen (DB)


Kinding - Ingolstadt – Pfaffenhofen (DB)

Dollnstein - Ingolstadt - Pfaffenhofen – Paindorf (DB)


Ingolstadt - Eichstatt (BRB)


Münchsmünster - Ingolstadt - Burgheim (agilis)



The association's tariff is valid for the railway lines up until the displayed train stops of the map (to enlarge please click on the map). In addition, the association's tariff integrates bus routes in cities/communities of the previous INVG association (bus routes marked red on map).

The integrated bus lines are present in following cities: 



Ingolstadt, Geisenfeld, and Vohburg,


also in these locations:


Appertshofen, Baar-Ebenhausen, Böhmfeld, Buxheim, Eitensheim, Forchheim, Gaimersheim, Großmehring, Hepberg, Kasing, Kösching, Lenting, Lippertshofen, Manching, Pförring, Pörnbach, Reichertshofen, Reisberg, Stammham, Tauberfeld, Wettstetten.


In these cities/communities, the association's tariff is valid from/until the first or last bus stop, respectively (valid for all integrated bus routes).



Where Can I Purchase the Association's Tariff Ticket?


The new association's tariff tickets can be purchased at ticket agencies, ticket machines of the INVG and the DB to the cheaper advanced sale price. Single tickets and daily tickets of the association's tariff can also be bought in buses of the INVG. 


Where Can I get the Timetables of the Railway Lines?


You will receive the particular timetables up to the integration in our timetable information service under "Info throughout Bavaria" on our homepage or on the homepages of our regional association partners!



Where Can I Obtain Further Information?


We gladly provide further information when you give us a call or stop by the INVG-Customer Center in the Mauthstraße 4.




With the association's tariff, going from Kinding to Ingolstadt now only costs 6,60 € instead of 8,30 € previously. It also includes the bus connections in Ingolstadt. If a passenger wants to get a ride from the "Nordbahnhof" to the city center, he or she can purchase a INVG-ticket at the ticket machine of the DB in Kinding. Passengers, who travel only to the train station, will only buy a DB-ticket which still includes the usage of the "BahnCard".




Which INVG-Tickets Are Valid in the Train?


So far, the INVG-tariff included 6 tariff levels; through the extension of the scope of application, it is complemented by the tariff levels 7-18. A few tickets, (such as short distance ticket, multi-fare ticket, holiday ticket, or job-ticket) are further on only valid in the buses of the INVG.


Since December 14, 2014, the majority of the tariff assortment of the INVG is valid in participating trains. These are:


  • Single ticket (adult/child)
  • Day ticket/partner ticket/night ticket
  • Monthly ticket (adult/9 am ticket/seniors/student/apprentice)
  • Weekly ticket (adult/student/apprentice)
  • Annual ticket - job-ticket (only "premium" accepted in trains)







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