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Airport Express X109


Ingolstadt Nordbahnhof - Central Bus Station (ZOB) - Kurt-Huber-Straße - Munich Airport (MUC)



The Airport Express Ingolstadt is the most convenient way to the Munich Airport (MUC). It picks you up at several centrally located stops in Ingolstadt and provides a quick and comfortable ride to your flight. No matter which airline you chose, we will get you there with attractive offers.



The Airport Express Ingolstadt starts at the Nordbahnhof in Ingolstadt.



Airport-LoungeAirport-Lounge - Am Nordbahnhof

In order to make your waiting period until the departure of the X109 more pleasant, we provide an exclusive  "Airport-Lounge" for you.


Info about Departure/Arrival

In the airport lounge, you will always get informed about the updated departure times of your flights (including departure gate and information about the walkway). For this, you have access to the first installed  "InfoGate" outside of the Airport Munich.



Current times of departure also at:

Munich Airport (MUC)




Tickets for the Airport Express


  • Online

from now on, you can obtain airport tickets conveniently online in the INVG-Shop. In cooperation with the DB, you can purchase your airport ticket directly online and print it.


  • Advance Booking

Options for Advance Booking:


- your travel agency

- the Customer Center, Mauthstraße 4

- Central Bus Station (ZOB)

- all ticket machines of the INVG


  • Sale by Driver

tickets available in all regular buses of Ingolstadt's public transportation system (INVG) to the tariff of the sale by driver




Beginning at the Nordbahnhof, the X109 (Airport Express) stops next at the Central Bus Station (ZOB). There, it is easy and safe to change to other regular buses of the entire public transportation system Ingolstadt (INVG). Afterwards, the Airport Express stops at the station "Kurt-Huber-Straße" and continues its journey on the motorway towards the airport. In addition, it stops at the connection point Langenbruck if reservations have been made.


At the Munich Airport, the bus stops at the Terminal Area A/B, Munich Airport Center, and Terminal 2. There you have access to the departure and arrival terminals.



Info-Telephone: (0049) (841) 305 464 64



X109 Ingolstädter Airport Express - Ingolstadt - MUC Flughafen München - Ingolstadt





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Further Information

Internet: http://www.stadtbus-ingolstadt.de
Email:  airport-express@stadtbus-ingolstadt.de




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