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Just One Ticket for Bus and Train


Start of the VGI-Tariff on September 1st 2018




The last important milestone en route to the regional associations' tariff, that became effective on September 1st 2018, was set by signing cooperation agreements through the bus transportation companies.







With the implementation of the associations' tariff, a new era of mobility in the region of Ingolstadt started. After intense preparation, the three counties Eichstätt, Neuburg-Schrobenhausen, and Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm, as well as the city of Ingolstadt accomplished great work in the process of executing the common VGI-Tariff on September 1st 2018. Now, all local traffic connections between Kinding and Paindorf, Dollnstein, Burgheim and Münchsmünster can be used with just one ticket for trains and all bus routes.

Therefore, passengers can use all local trains of agilis, Bayerische Regiobahn (BRB) and DB Regio, plus all bus routes with one ticket. The purchased ticket is valid in all stated means of transportation.



The VGI-Tariff spreads out from Beilngries in the North to Paindorf in the South, from Mörnsheim in the Northwest, Burgheim in the West, and Pöttmes and Schrobenhausen in the Southwest to Münchsmünster in the Ost.



The inter-regional tariff is named „VGI-Tariff“. This stands for "Verkehrsgemeinschaft Region Ingolstadt" (transport association of the region Ingolstadt), where the political representatives of counties and the city Ingolstadt are combined.



In order to fully implement the regional associations' tariff, extensive prearrangements and multilateral decision-making processes were necessary. On the one hand, numerous juridical questions had to be clarified, such as the tariff application permit, the enactment of a general provision, and the closing of cooperation agreements with all involved transport companies. Through the arrangement of these agreements and the accompanying rules about the distribution of revenue ensures the financial protection of the participating transport company.



On the other hand, technical difficulties had to be managed. Vending devices in the bus, ticketing machines of the INVG and also of the Deutschen Bahn, as well as all presale locations in the region had to be supplemented by new software modules due to the risen requirements and new tariff data (fares, zones) has to be provided.



Do the "old tickets" still count?



Tickets from the previous tariff loose validity on September 30, 2018. These tickets can be exchanged or if desired reimbursed for the remaining value (with charge of administration fee) at the INVG-costumer center or at the regional transport company, where ticket was purchased, until September 30, 2018. Job-tickets and annual tickets remain valid.



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