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Airport-Express - Now with WLAN


Since recently, passengers of the Airport-Express can use free W-LAN in two buses.  Mobile WLAN-Access points were being installed in both buses so that passengers can surf the web during the journey of approximately one hour to the Airport Munich and back. 50 MB of data volume are available per day and user. This makes sure that our passengers can also browse the web trouble-free even with high passenger demand.




In addition, during the journey, cell phones or tablets can be charged conveniently because of the installment of shockproof sockets and USB-sockets (230V) between every two seats – similar to the ICE (Intercity Express).



The buses with wireless internet access are labeled with “W-LAN symbols” on the outside. For future procurement of new buses of the Airport-Express, it is planned that the WLAN equipment is already installed when delivered so that the INVG only has to do the on-site commissioning. In the middle of December, a new bus equipped with WLAN from the plant, will be used for the ride to the Airport Munich.



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