Go to School by Bus

Go to School by Bus

The INVG-Student Ticket with Self-Participation for Students and Vocational Students


The new school year is right around the corner which leads to several questions: How will I get safely and inexpensive to school / vocational school and back? The answer is:



With the INVG-Student Ticket!





The INVG-student ticket with self-participation can be ordered conveniently from your home via our online shop. Of course, it is still possible to fill out an application form and bring it to our customer center in the Mauthstraße or mail it to us by post. After a short processing time, the student ticket will be either mailed to you (after we have received a confirmation from your school by email) or you can pick up your student ticket in person in the customer center by presenting the school confirmation.


The INVG-Student Ticket with Self-Participation Will Be Issued to:


  • all full time pupils whose primary residence is in Ingolstadt
  • all vocational students whose primary residence is in Ingolstadt
  • all students who live or are enrolled in Ingolstadt
  • all full time students of the technical school (Technikerschule) Ingolstadt
  • all children of Ingolstadt who are not yet in school but are at least 6 years old


By any questions concerning the the correct tariff of the INVG-Student Ticket, please contact our customer center!


Here you will get to the INVG-Online-Shop!