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Order Student/School Ticket with Self-Participation Online!


Since the school year 2018/2019 a faster processing and convenient monthly instalment is available.


The student/school ticket with self-participation is only available in the online shop to prevent pupils and students from the lengthy completion of the application as well as preventing the INVG from retyping of paper documents. The ticket can be requested conveniently from home via https://shop.invg.de. Here, the enrollment verification can be uploaded online or send to the INVG per e-mail


Your requested student/school ticket will be send to your given address free of charge.


An additional advantage of the online ordering is a monthly instalment of the ticket per direct debit. It is further possible to carry out the full payment by credit card or giropay.


The city of Ingolstadt continuous to voluntarily subsidy the student/school ticket with self-participation with € 25.00 per month. Thus, a monthly student/school ticket with self-participation can be obtained for € 20.50 per month in tariff zone 1.



When ordering online, you do not have to know your zone in advance. The online shop determines automatically the tariff zone and price for the student/school ticket after the input of your entry and exit destination. Requirement to obtain the subsidized student/school ticket with self-participation is a first domicile in Ingolstadt and a valid enrollment verification from school or vocational school. Students obtain this ticket for max. 6 months if they are enrolled in an institute of higher education in Ingolstadt or if they live in Ingolstadt (residence certificate necessary).


The student/school ticket is valid for all bus and train routes within the ordered tariff zone at any days.



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